A-STAR | The Djembe

The Djembe (Jem-Bay)

The word djembe comes from the Bambara people in Mali - "Anke djé, anke bé" meaning "everyone gather together in peace." This really sums up the nature of the djembe. They are a great percussive instrument in group and class environments and popular with all ages. By playing different notes - Slap, Bass, Tone - groups can create musical complexity that is great for teaching about rhythm and tempo.

Want to know more? Download our how-to instrument cards and get playing.

The A-Star djembes come in 5 sizes; 5'', 6'', 7'', 8" and 10". They are also available in a number of pre-built packs, meaning there is something to suit every group and budget. The build quality of these djembes is second to none. Each is beautifully hand painted in a traditional colourful design, making every djembe unique. Unlike other drums in this price range, these instruments have natural skin heads. This  traditional material offers superior tone than synthetic versions. Furthermore, all A-Star djembes feature high quality, traditional rope tuning for maximum control over your sound. Perfect for GCSE class or group teaching, our A-Star djembe packs offer a range of different sized djembes.

Hand-Painted Djembes

The djembe is one of the world’s most popular drums that is now a mainstay within schools and education, promoting the sounds and cultural diversity of African Music.

Available in the following options;
BDJ1260; 12” Head x 60cm Height
BDJ1060 10” Head x 60cm Height
BDJ850; 8” Head x 50 cm Height
BDJ740; 7” Head x 40cm Height
BDJ630; 6” Head x 30 cm Height
BDJ525; 5” Head x 25cm Height
BDJ555PK Mini Trio Djembe Pack; 3 x 5" Djembe - 25cm tall. Designed for use in Education Projects. Hand made using high quality sustainable solid wood, feature natural heads and rope tuning.
BDJ887755PK Djembe Pack of 6; 3 Different Size Djembes – 2 x 5'', 2 x 7'', and 2 x 8".