A-STAR | The Guiro

The Guiro is a handheld percussive instrument that is as popular in the classroom as it is in Latin-American music. The sound is created by the vibrations the player makes when dragging the beater over the ridges of the instrument. Being so easy to use it's a popular choice in both primary and secondary schools.

AP4122 Fish Guiros

Unique Fish Design, supplied with a beater. Available in small or large sizes

AP4111 Tone Block Guiro

Smooth, comfortable handle, includes beater. Dimensions: 19cm x 4cm.

AP4131 Small Hands Guiro

Bright, colourful design, made of light, strong plastic: 22cm x 7cm.

AP4112 Wooden Shaker Guiro


Dual purpose (scape and hit). Beater included, 14cm x 4cm.