A-STAR | Hand Bells

Hand bells are extremely popular with primary schools and percussion groups. When you consider how simple they are to play, (and the bright colours available,) it's easy to see why. The high-quality A-Star bells are ideal for ensembles, music groups as well as individuals. Perfect in the classroom and beyond.

AP2103 A-Star Coloured Hand Bells Set of 8

Note range C-C. Metal bell with plastic handle, played traditionally with a ringing/wrist motion 14cm x 7.5cm

AP2102 A-Star Hand Bells Set of 8

Note range C-C, Metal bell with plastic handle. Desktop style bell with button-press performance option as well as traditional ‘ringing’ style. 15cm x 9cm Diameter

AP2101 A-Star Set of 5 Chromatic Bells

Note range C#, Eb, F#, G#, Bb. Add to AP2102 eight-note set for a full chromatic scale. Metal bell with plastic handle with push-button or traditional methods.