Top Rated Percussion for Education

“The rhythm of life is a powerful beat, puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your feet”!

With the right organisation, innovative activities, and some excellent and inexpensive percussion equipment, pupils will be engrossed and enthused. Plus, the teacher will be contented and headache free! Or in the words of Ofsted; “Outstanding”!

Here at A-Star Music we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading supplier of classroom percussion. In this article, I will take you through the A-Star Percussion range..



There is nothing better than getting your class in a big circle to teach them the principals of African Drumming. Rhythms, call & response, imitation, improvisation. Yes, it will result in reddened hands, but it will also result in a great lesson! The A-Star Djembe range is without doubt, one of the best investments a school can make. Each drum is hand made using high quality solid wood, natural rope and natural heads giving a superb sound. Traditionally decorated, these drums come in sizes ranging from 3” up to the ‘master drummer’ 10” model. Even better value, we offer complete sets of 4, 6, 10, 15 or 20 player packs.


One of the easiest ways to teach children the principals of rhythm and pitch is with a Glockenspiel or Xylophone. It is also a great way for assessing hand-eye coordination as well as musical performance.

Produced for the youngest of K.S.1/2 classes, the A-Star 8-Note Colour Coded Glockenspiels are ideal for early years pupils to develop their musical skills. The coloured keys, which also have the actual note name on as well, let them explore the initial theory of music. Plus, have great fun doing it!

For the older Key Stages, as well as Secondary School Bands and Orchestras, there is the A-Star 25-Note Chromatic Glockenspiel. This best seller is not only great value-for-money, but sounds brilliant, plus it is all situated in its own bespoke case for easy storage. Each individual note bar is perfectly tempered giving an excellent tone and resonance.

At the higher end of tuned percussion, we provide the A-Star Metallophones. These professional sounding instruments are available in both chromatic and diatonic ranges, with Alto, Bass and Soprano versions. The large wooden frame and professionally milled note bars result in a beautiful, resonant tone across the full range.

Wooden it be Lovely

Mankind has hit pieces of wood for centuries, for both communication, entertainment and cricket!! As far as musical entertainment is concerned, the Xylophone adds a unique and exquisite timbre to any musical score and performance. Professional full-sized Xylophones can cost many thousands of pounds which are out of reach of most of schools. A-Star offers the perfect solution; a range of top quality Xylophones. Available in whichever range you require, Alto Half Chromatic, Soprano Chromatic, Bass Diatonic, Soprano Diatonic and Alto Diatonic. They are guaranteed to enhance your tuned percussion section in concerts.

Maracas & Guiros

A necessity in teaching Latin inspired music, A-Star has produced the staple instruments of Maracas, Guiros and Agogos

The A-Star wooden Agogo comes complete with a beater for instant percussive technique performance. When it comes to Guiro’s, A-Star offer some brilliant options; Guiro Tone Block, or the Large and Small Fish Guiro’s. Nothing fishy about these, just an authentic and attractive performance!

Maracas; it’s carnival time! Plastic, wooden, multi-coloured, the choice may confuse you, but the quality and sound certainly won’t. The A-Star Maracas offer you authenticity with affordability.

Chimes & Triangles

Think of School Bands. Think Harry Potter, Matilda, Magic, Fantasy, any John Williams or Danny Elfman piece. In fact, think of most pieces played, I promise you, Chimes will enhance them all!

The mighty Triangle. Simple in design, inexpensive to buy, but priceless in the percussion section. The A-Star triangles come in different sizes, and therefore natural pitch. From 10cm up to 20cm they are supplied with a holder and beater for instant, resonant ‘pings’!


D.I.S.C.O or many other ‘pop’ records in the past half a century, would be less fun without the dependable Tambourine. Generally indestructible, occasionally entertaining, and constantly one of the best value for money and most popular percussion instruments money can buy.

A-Star meet all of those criteria, with their huge range of Tambourines. Many colours and shapes such as half-moon, mini, headless, headed, you name it. Normans have it!

Claves & Woodblocks

The minimalist Claves are often used in Afro-Cuban and North American popular music as a percussive emphasis to the syncopated Latin rhythms. Non-musical onlookers may think that they are simply two basic sticks of wood. But we all know that they are expertly manufactured to exact sizing for a consistent tone & pitch, often of maple. The A-Star Claves are just that, solid maple, inexpensive and hugely popular with school performances and classroom teaching.

Woodblocks, another great and inexpensive percussive addition to the texture of a score and performance. The A-Star Two Tone Wood block does exactly that. Serrated blocks of two sizes give an easy, hand-held dual tone aspect to any piece. A-Star also do non-ridged versions as well as singular blocks, all complete with beaters.

Percussion Sets

Let’s start with the best; the A-Star 30 Piece Percussion Class Pack. These fun yet informative percussion packs are growing ever more popular with teachers throughout the country and it's no surprise why. With 30+ high-quality instruments to choose from (too many to name!), every child will find something that they will love playing. Not only this, but the new and exciting sounds, alongside the vibrant and attractive designs make learning fun for the pupils. The A-Star 30 Player Pack also offers superb value for money with an affordable one-box solution (easy and safe storage). Ideal for Key Stage 1+ classes, parties, workshops, school bands etc. you will not be disappointed!

On a smaller scale, we offer the A-Star 10-piece and 9-Piece Percussion packs. Again, they are ideal for smaller groups and classes, or simply to enhance the bigger sets. Shakers, maracas, triangle, castanets, glockenspiel etc. all safely stored in a clear vinyl bag.

So, if it is reliable, great sounding and affordable percussion you need for your classroom or school, Normans is the best place without doubt to shop. A certainty for “Rhythm in your Classroom, Rhythm in the Street, Yes, the Rhythm of Life is a Powerful Beat”!