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A Musical Journey

A Musical Journey

Our showcase resource consists of a 6 lesson scheme of work for both Key Stage 1 and 2.  A Musical Journey visits a range of different styles and traditions and explores the interrelated dimensions of music through performance.

Suitable for use by specialist and non-specialist teachers in Primary Schools, the Musical Journey includes Lesson Videos, Teacher Guide Videos, detailed written lesson plans and the corresponding Backing Tracks. 

Our Special Features

Lesson Plans

Detailed lesson plans guide the teacher through each lesson and are structured to ensure the pupils take away the important learning points from the lesson.​

 The Activity Guide walks through how the lesson should be delivered and Teacher Notes offer additional support on the desired objectives. 

Video Guides

Each lesson has its own video, this goes through all the activities in a lesson by lesson basis, clearly signposted with starters, mains and plenaries. These videos can be used in front of the class or as a guide to adapt your own delivery in the classroom. 


Backing Tracks

All the necessary backing tracks are neatly stored on the individual lesson pages, with an embedded audio player you can easily navigate between the different tracks quickly within your lesson. 

The best benefits

Instrument Cards

Access a range of Instrument Cards providing information on how to hold and play each instrument correctly.  

Downloadable from the Classroom, these colourful and engaging factsheets can be printed and displayed for easy reference and brighten up your classroom. 

Benefits what customer will receive.

Teacher Video Guides

Alongside the lesson video guides we have provided detailed teacher guides for specialist and non-specialist teachers to highlight key areas for assessment and differentiation.

The Strings Club

We have partnered with The Strings Club to provide a starter pack for your ukulele journey. This resource bundle includes a song book and detailed videos to guide players through the first steps when learning the ukulele.

How To Play Guides

The teacher led "How to Play" video guides provide help and support on how to deliver your music lessons with confidence.

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Meet Katie - Our Content Creator

Katie is a primary music specialist working in Lambeth, South London. Her passion for music education began during her studies at the Guildhall School of Music as a flautist, where she discovered Kodàly’s principles and pedagogy under the expert tutelage of David Vinden. During Katie’s undergraduate studies, she took the opportunity to complete her Erasmus study period at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, where she observed and qualified further in the Kodàly-based practice of Colourflute. 

On her return to London, she completed her Masters at the Guildhall School of Music in Orchestral Artistry (Flute) and taught flute at the Colourstrings Music School, South London as well as working for several music hubs in North-East London. 

Katie then completed her PGCE primary training through the School Direct route, and swiftly navigated her way back to her true passion, primary music education. Katie particularly enjoys the curriculum design and planning element of her work and can be found supporting other local practitioners through Lambeth Music Hub. Katie was also part of the Oak National Academy Primary Music Team and is part of the ‘Every Copy Counts’ Teacher Studio. Outside of her professional practice, Katie enjoys making music in the chamber choir, Invicta Voices.

Katie Miner

Primary Music Specialist