With a crisp and bright tone, the A-Star Soprano Glockenspiel is a high-quality tuned instrument at a fantastic price. The glockenspiel is 2 octaves of chromatic notes and is set out like a piano, which will be a familiar starting point when learning music. The notes are also labelled which is great for beginners.

This large range allows for lots of variation in lessons and group activities. Supplied with 2 plastic beaters, the glockenspiel creates a bright tone and you are ready to make music straight away. Supplied in a handy case, the glockenspiel can be stored away easily without getting damaged. This protective case with pop-out feet is a great addition, making it perfect for the dynamic environment of the classroom.


  • 25 Note Soprano Glockenspiel
  • Note range: G5 to G7
  • Available in a red, blue or yellow case
  • Accidentals and natural notes (just like a piano)
  • Produces a crisp and bright tone
  • Perfect as a first instrument for use in school or at home
  • Supplied with a protective case and two extra strong beaters
  • Strong and robust construction
  • Tripod feet pop-out enabling a richer sound
  • Width: 39cm Length: 23cm Depth: 5cm
  • Two beaters included
  • Ideal for music groups and workshops

Product Length: 38.5 cm
Product Width: 23.5 cm
Product Height: 4.46 cm
Product Weight: 1.25 kg

Package Length: 40 cm
Package Width: 25 cm
Package Height: 5 cm
Package Weight: 1.39 kg

Master Carton Qty: 10
Master Carton Dimensions: 28cm x 41cm x 52cm x (H x W x L)
Master Carton Weight: 13.95 kg

Barcode: AP7111: 0610074837602, AP7112: 5060742471051, AP7113: 5060742471761

HS Code: 9206000000

Certifications: Declaration of Conformity, EN71